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rocker, artist, options trader, raw foodist, knitter. Life is an adventure.


A dreamer, a romantic, a rock n roller since birth. I've lived a wonderfully chaotic life so far and view everyday as an adventure. From a hurricane in the Bermuda triangle to tours all over the world in a rock band and on to a car crash with a 18 wheeler truck in the mountains of Arizona.....I live day to day.

Life is an evolution and I think the key is to keep growing and learning.

Creativity keeps us alive.

Luckily, I married my best friend, Bam who happens to be the most inspirational, talented being I've ever encountered.

I'm not usually this new age sounding but hey, bios suck so this is my best effort.

Leap from love, fall from fear.

In the spirit of many other bloggers...

Here's 100 Things About Me:

1. I am.
2. I play guitar, bass, piano and can make decent noises on drums and saxophones, too.
3. I sing harmony like a maniac.
4. My mother taught me the foundations of music.
5. I was named after my mother’s stage name.
6. I believe in the universe.
7. I survived a hurricane on a 52 foot sailboat in the Bermuda Triangle.
8. I also survived being rearended by an 18-wheeler in the mountains of Arizona in a blizzard. (thank you 1970 Mustang)
9. I’ve had two major back surgeries.
10. My early musical career started as a classical concert pianist.
11. The next phase of music life changed in to jazz bassist for hire.
12. My love of all things Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones brought me back to my roots of rock n roll.
13. I have 3 brothers but one died while fixing his 1968 GT. Accidental death.
14. I have several nieces and nephews but the one I am closest to is Kathryn. She knits now, too and is a wonderful 19 year old. Her dad is the one who died.
15. I grew up in Minnesota.
16. I have been on tour to over 25 countries. Some I remember, some I don’t.
17. I love dogs. I dislike cats.
18. I especially love BIG dogs.
19. I love the beach.
20. Bam and I were married barefoot on the sand at the beach.
21. This is my second marriage but it feels like my only marriage.
22. I believe life is an evolution.
23. I taught myself to draw and paint and sold most of my paintings.
24. I live in Los Angeles.
25. We live too far from the beach.
26. I have a curse upon me regarding cars/vans. They always fall apart in weird ways.
27. The coolest cars I’ve owned were vintage Mustangs.
28. My dog, Charlie died in 1997 and he was the best dog I ever had.
29. I was a vegan for 5 years.
30. I eat chicken now but don’t care for beef.
31. I still do not like milk.
32. Rice milk rocks.
33. I love to knit.
34. I love to eat.
35. I love chocolate.
36. I don’t care for pie.
37. I love fresh food and HATE fast food.
38. I’ve lived in about 12 different apartments/homes in Los Angeles area.
39. I survived the big earthquake but had to move because our foundation slipped.
40. I like to rollerblade but don’t do it enough.
41. I like to bicycle but don’t do that enough either.
42. I used to jog regularly but don’t anymore.
43. In highschool, I was captain of the volleyball team.
44. I dreamed of being a dancer.
45. But I have the flexibility of a piece of wood.
46. I love films.
47. I especially love indie films.
48. I hate television.
49. Our tv is hooked up to a DVD player ONLY.
50. I do not have health insurance.
51. This scares me.
52. I do not particularly believe in western medicine.
53. I prefer seeing my kineseologist every few months.
54. I used to drink but don’t anymore.
55. I never smoked cigarettes except for a year as a teenager.
56. The hardest drug I ever tried was coke and I thought it was boring.
57. I give amazing massages.
58. I was a trained shiastsu therapist for a few years.
59. I know a lot about coffee.
60. I taught myself how to build websites.
61. I wish I had the money and time to go to school full time for a thousand subjects.
62. I dream of writing a book/novel/screenplay.
63. I have broke a few hearts.
64. I have had my heart broken a few times too.
65. My parents are still married. 50+ years.
66. Bam’s parents are still married, too.
67. I love England.
68. I love to travel.
69. I get bored easily.
70. I do not read a newspaper and think the news media in America is corrupt.
71. I wear my emotions openly and do not lie well.
72. I’ve been in Bubble longer than I was in Vixen.
73. I played bass for Helen Reddy.
74. The only musical I like is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
75. I love James Bond films but still prefer the Sean Connery ones.
76. I want another tattoo. Or three.
77. I love the TV show, ALIAS.
78. I have played in front of 60,000 people. (biggest audience)
79. I also graced the stage at London Wembley arena.
80. The biggest star I've ever met was Keith Richards.
81. I dream of living on a desert island with Bam, a recording studio, a ton of dvd’s and lot of yarn.
82. My birthday is March 21. Born in the first hour of the first day of the first sign of the zodiac.
83. I would like to try living in Europe but am afraid of my “only speak English” problem.
84. I love nights.
85. I also love mornings.
86. For this reason, I am usually exhausted...staying up late, getting up early.
87. I used to read a lot.
88. I studied philosophy through books.
89. I also read every Isaac Asimov book I could find.
90. I studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
91. I do NOT have a degree in anything.
92. I earned a living by making Art Candles with Bam back in the early daze.
93. I strongly dislike rap music.
94. My friends call me a purist.
95. I am still best friends with the same people since junior high.
96. Bam and I share a 1996 Chevy Astro van that is seriously falling apart.
97. I have been to Japan eight (YES 8) times.
98. The only things I can say in Japanese are Domo and Hai.
99. I do NOT like sushi.
100. I did this list in about 15 minutes. xxxx


gourmet healthy food, loud rock n roll, (the Hives, the Vines, Foo Fighters, Keith Richards, Cheap Trick, Sex Pistols, NY Dolls, The Kinks etc.) options trading,knitting, travel, sunshine, art, building websites, writing.