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February 29, 2004



thanks for info , tea and scones are probably better than a pork pie. afraid that have no nitting tips to offer in return


Don't feet guilty! Just think how wonderful it will be for her to have a family to mess with...as you mentioned before, you are away much of the time...you wouldn't want to come home to a dog-inspired mess!

I have 2 rescue terriers...and I know why they were given up...let's just say one has chewed his way through a futon, a mattress, some pillows and a down comforter (think white christmas).

Ask the family if they can send you a photo of her with them- and just smile, knowing you did the right thing!

Suppposed to rain today, do you miss the wet-dog smell?


Hi Carrie,

I know. I should be happy. I just worry too much.

I do NOT miss the wet doggie smell and yes, it is pouring rain here today and once again, our backyard is flooded. oh hooray.

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