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February 24, 2004


rock chick

My theory for "big" projects is to use a top notch fiber, like the Rowan. If you love what it feels like in your hands, it will keep you moving toward the finish. You'll do fine. The beginning of any sweater always seems infinite. When you hit the star, it will all seem worthwhile.

Suerte (Lucky) will find a good home. She's got good karma on her side.


Good luck with that sweater. Ya know, I have a confession too. I also would like to keep the dog. I miss mine so much. But there's hardly eough room for me in my little 10x12 studio.

On my Alien Illuion Scarf, I know that as boring as that is to make, the only thing keeping me going is the FABULOUS yarn I am using. Balck Inca Alpaca and Red Metallic Berocco Softwist.


Hey Share:

Good luck on the sweater. I have done 2 sweaters (the bell sleeved to dye for one from S&B) and it only took one week to do one of them mind you I was at my mother in law's in Girvan (small village in Scotland) so there was nothing much else to do.

Just take your time and it will all come together I just wish I could find someone to sew the damn thing together. Just started another sweater for a 6 year old - been mainly doing the old 70's punk striped look and the stripes make it go a lot quicker.

Good luck on both the knitting and the search for a dog owner.



Hey Catheryn,

Well, one can never go wrong with 70's stiped punky style, can one?!

Re: small village in Scotland...that sounds great right about now. I'm getting so worn out and would just love to melt in to some tiny hole in the wall place with nothing to do but knit and sit around. *sigh. dreams.

Re: the kids' sweater. I'm excited but gonna be going to my knitter group for help for a few parts of the pattern. It is the star that I'm looking most forward to. Seeing as how I have a tattoo of hearts and stars, I am attracted to anything with that kind of style. Especially one like this that isn't a boring straight normal star but rather an elongated kinda wonky one! yeah. that's what punk knitting is about. I can only read so much of the pattern and then I get brain fog and just sorta blank out....hmmm... could be too much loud rock n roll per chance?

Thank you so much for your comments. I'll know on Saturday if the doggie has a new home with a nice family. Keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I'll be knitting away my anxiety about it.



Share, the Star sweater is going to look so cute when it's done! I can't wait to see it.

And when you finish your Knittocratic Oath, let me know--I'll be the first to sign it!

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