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February 11, 2004


Jen L

Are you talking about the "Lacy Sweater" for children on the Rowan site? Or a sweater for you? And what kind of yarn did you get? I want details, woman! :)


You dont need an iron to block. You can also wet block by just washing the piece or spraying it with water and letting it dry, that is what I normally do. See the first of second issue of Knitty there is a whole article devoted to how to block and what methods you can use.


Hey Share:

I saw your name pop up on the list and was stunned. Hornby who has been making fun of my knitting now accepts the fact that rockers can knit too without being stigmatized and I told him that Bam at least models your creations. Poor Paul was subjected to my first scarf for our last UK trip and is now wanting a hat which has now been frogged completely twice.

Hopefully see you at one of the SNB gatherings in Santa Monica, work hasn't allowed for it lately

Catheryn aka Mrs Hornby


I love the super chunky yarns for quick projects, but I have yet to find really "soft" ones? Even at my LYS they are $$$ chunky, but still itchy. My new idea is to buy the super-duper soft baby yarns (cheap ones), and triple yarn with them for the added bulk on fat needles. KWIM?



Yes, I love my Lion Brand chunky usa yarn. it's nice and soft and doesn't feel like horrid acrylic running thru my fingers!

re: KWIM? I don't know that one. what?

re: blocking.....good news on no iron needed. thank you. when I get that far, I will post asking for help if I get stuck.

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