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February 17, 2004



Oh! A rock chick blog! With beautiful knitted scarves, to boot.

Crystal G.

Hey... just in case you were referring to me as the person who took your comment about bonking someone with your SnB book too seriously, I just want you to know that I didn't. I was commenting mostly about the first comment regarding that article. The other girl who wrote after my tongue-in-cheek commentary... she did take everything quite seriously but don't let it get you down. Some people get sarcasm (and what's behind them) and some don't. Some (like myself) answer sarcasm with even more sarcasm. So I just wanted to clarify in case you were talking about me.

I went to the Atwater meeting hoping to see you there, but you weren't. Oh well. I am looking forward to meeting you one of these days.


Isn't it amazing how finishing up some knitting can improve your mood! The scarfs look great and don't worry, the kids will appreciate your skills some day.


Well now I see what you have been up to! No wonder I haven't heard from you in awhile.

Great job on the scarfs, the kids will love them. If not, I'll take them! :->

See you soon!

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