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March 15, 2004



I was just in Minneapolis this week (went to see Bob Dylan with my boyfriend). We probably cut you off on the interstate! :) (Wait--you flew...)

Glad to hear your mom and dad are doing well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things stay good for them.

Oh--I get mocked all the time for my midwest accent (which i don't understand--I live in the midwest. shouldn't everyone else sound like me too?)

Jen L

I'm glad your mom is doing well... I hope you're doing well, too! And, I just wanted to say that your aunt Evy looks strangely familiar to me. Perhaps it's just that everyone in MN looks like everyone else in MN (Scandanavian), but I swear that I know her from somewhere. I grew up in Duluth and lived in St. Paul for 8 years. Maybe we've met? :)


Hey Jen,

I think she lived or worked in St Paul over the years. But yeah, we scandihoovians do tend to look alike. !!!!

now...duluth. THAT is one cold spot.

re: me mum. Yah, I'm glad too. Amazing to see her up and about and laughing again. She even played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for her birthday crowd. Wow!

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