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March 25, 2004


rock chick

My rec is to get a copy of Vogue Knitting: The Ulitmate Knitting Book. Hands down the most informative and best illustrated of the knitting reference books. It's about $40 in the stores, but it's on sale now at Patternworks for $18. I can't recommend it highly enough.


There's an extensive section on seaming. It's really all about choosing the correct method so that the seam is invisible. On something like gloves, the embroidery thread method should work fine and create less bulk, but if your yarn is worsted weight or lighter, using the matching yarn would be my first choice.


I also recommend Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book. A companion to that is Vogue Knitting Quick Reference: The Ultimate Portable Knitting Compendium; it is smaller, softcover and spiral bound, and contains much of the same information. I have both and use them both, depending on the situation. Good luck!



You are not alone in the enigma that is finishing. I did my first sweater with no problems, mind you Hornhead had to hear a lot of cussing and What do you thinks??? but it worked out well and took hours to finish for something so easy as a straight seam. So I figured I would make another one of those sweaters. Well the thing stared at me in four pieces for over a month because I was dreading it soooo much. As it turned out I said to myself OK I can do this. I am a woman of the new millenium. Well wrong I was I ended up sewing the arm on upside down and the yarn was so thin and varigated colors that I have no clue how or if I will ever be able to take it apart without ruining it.

If all else fails there are places where you can pay to have items finished. I know in Santa Monica there is a place on Montana but they are a bit pricey for finishing. A sweater would be $50.

Just take your time, sprawl all your items on the floor and take a deep breath and slowly try to match up the holes with some pins. Hopefully that will work

Good luck and me and Paul hope that Bam's shoulder gets better soon.

Jen L

You can do this, woman! I promise you, it's easy.

Check out these links:

And, I also recommend Vogue Knitting. I use mine all the time. With the matress stitch, once you "get it" you'll wonder how you ever had trouble with it in the first place.

Feel free to email me with questions. I'd be happy to try to help. Take care...


I need help- I made a sweater and it was too big- I took it in and now the seams are very bulky- any way to decrease the bulkA? I am trying to save the sweater!

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