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March 29, 2004



Looks like someone got a new camera.....possibly for her birthday???????????????????

Nice gloves for Bam. When I saw all those rings, the first thing I thought of was J-Lo in ENOUGH (can you tell I watched it again over the weekend!)

Keep up the good work Share!



hey Karen,

Well, you should like the gloves since it's your pattern. Alas, not a new camera but using the photo feature on Bam's very nice video camera. A little tricky to use but gets the job done.

re: j-lo. being a person who exists outside pop media, I have no clue what you are referring to. Therefore drawing the conclusion, if J-Lo dared to wear big shiny silver rings with skulls on them, then she was merely doing her best, (albeit cheap) imitation of the icon of all real rock (which has now been deemed fashionable by the press and record labels): Keith Richards.

yeah baby.

Thank you for the comment on the seaming. It's getting better! whew!

ps. If any of you do NOT know who Keith Richards is........well, what can I say? You ain't listenin' to the right shit. You didn't really think the Strokes were original, now did you?

rock chick

That thunking sound is my head hitting the desk after someone said "Who's Keith Richards?" I guess that makes me offically old and them officially uninformed.

See, seaming can be fun. Okay, it's not really fun, per se, but it can be done painlessly.


Those wrist bands are excellent! Wish I could carry off wearing something like that.

Seaming is easy, once you get the hang of it. Why not try: Nancy Wiseman's Book of Finishing Techniques. I particularly like how she illustrates sewing sleeves together - she explains row to stitch ratio that can be applied to other things. I also like Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting.


So I might be biased, but I really love knit dishcloths. It probably is Minnesota/Midwest, but they are the BEST thing to do dishes with. They're more abrasive than store bought ones, but they're soft enough to wash glasses with. And they last longer. In short, I think they're wonderful.

And I just realized I sound like an old lady of 70 instead of a young lady of 20!

Your wrist bands are awesome, and your seaming looks good, too.

Your comment about Keith Richards reminded me of the movie "Freaky Friday." (The new one.) The Mom has to go out on stage and pretend to play guitar, and the daughter tells her "Play like Keith, Mom!" And her mom goes, "Who's Keith?" The daughter just got exasperated, shouted, "Keith Richards!" and shoved her on stage.

I do know who he is, for the record!


Awesome! I love making wristbands (even though I never wear them) its a quick and satisfying knit! That dishcloth is cute, perfect for a housewarming gift.


your projects look great! i especially like the dishcloth. great housewarming idea.

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