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April 21, 2004



Gawd, where to begin...

Let's see, there was the image consultant thing (which I do kinda sorta, whenever a friend refers a client for a color consult), the make up artist thing (which I would still love to do. I'm mad for MAC), the yoga studio thing, the private yoga instruction thing (if I could ever figure out how to get that going), the Enneagram teaching thing, the modeling thing (which ended when I got totally hosed by my agency), the acting thing (which I get to do for fun with my crazy LA friends), the writing thing (languishing in the darker realms of my hard drive), the quilt and knit designing thing (which is still active), the poetry thing, the gemology thing, the marine biology thing, the doctor thing, the psychology thing (I'm still gonna get that degree one of these days)... yeah, lots and lots of things. At the moment I'm just trying to get someone to pay me money for doing *any*thing.... so I can buy more yarn... lots and lots of yarn... oh, and batik fabric... and more yarn...


"Please please please make me feel less alone and share your mad creative dreams in the comments section. I would love to know I'm not the only one who shoots for the moon."

Let's see:
1. work in the entertainment industry (post prod or music supervision) Any place where I can feed my need for [indie] film and music
2. go back to dance class and regain some lost flexibility from my childhood. do one set of barre exercises en pointe (o:
3. learn to knit with circular needles. Massive bouts of insecurity
4. Keep traveling!
5. Write a short story/essay/review. More insecurities there
6. Rent a cool office to work & create. I can't work at home
7. Learn how to use my iMac/iMovie/iDVD so it can start paying for itself, finally!
8. figure out what to do with my small stash of yarn

That's it for now...

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