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June 10, 2004



I generally prefer to answer comments in the next day's blog entry, in case people don't go back to check.

I didn't realize we had a Minnesota connection! I grew up in Grand Rapids, up north on the Iron Range. My little sister arrived yesterday for a visit!


I usually go back and answer comments in the original post. Only because I sometimes visit old posts where I added a commente to see if there was a response. Also, I find it helpfull to see what the response is and that response sometimes generates more responses and so on. Occasionally I will email the response directly if it is a more personal reply. Sometimes I do both. It's all what feels right for you...
I want to see the completed hero sweater 'cause the star looks so neat!

BTW - You're killin' me with that pie, man!!! yum.


p.s. I am not as grammatically challenged as that second sentence leads you to believe. ;}


Hi Share,
I love reading your posts from MN! My only reference point is, sadly, Fargo! That pie sure looks good...yah....Is there a certain way to heat up the rice milk for the coffee? I use coffee mate but am willing to try a less-toxic alternative for my beloved morning coffee (0: Miss seeing you at Kaldi's, but I guess you found new friends to play with (sigh)

Have a great time with your family & Bam


I agree with Jessica regarding comments. I usually answer back in the comments section of the original post unless someone is asking me for specific information, then I will most likely email that person back. I'm enjoying all the pictures you're posting with your new camera. Fun!


Thank you everyone for your helpful comments! See, it's working!

FYI: the pie is superb. I think I'm gaining pounds everyday here. (argh!)

welllllllll.....cheers. I am a little off today cuz of the emotional stuff of seeing my dad struggle so much. :-(

the knitting sure helps as does havin' my Bam here. love is a drug.



Y'know I have the same question about comments...I think I really like QueerJoe's method of answering comments in his next entry, but many of my comments are generated way after the fact, so I usually just answer in the comments, unless the entry is really buried, then I answer in the comments with a cc:ed and more personal answer in e-mail.

Which is to say, I saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd come over and send you an answer but since your question syncs with what I'm thinkin' I'll just leave it here:

The locals use the bridge all the time, it's actually really sturdy with three thick rusty steel cables...it's just the wood slats that are pretty rough and in some parts few and far between...but if you walk along a cable you'll be fine.


Hey, I thought you didn't like pie - the midwest must be getting to you....

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