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June 26, 2004



Girl, you just gotta believe that everything does happen for a reason. You've got the right attitude. What amazes me is that he waited until the LAST minute. It was an act that was so selfish. It sounds like he was bringing some negative energy anyways so...good riddance! Have fun with the video shoot!


Kim's right...it sounds like he came with baggage and negativity so you're better off without. But still... last minute? At least it wasn't after you published all your art. Good luck w/the search.


The road is rough, but you'll make it....you have so far. I, and a lot of other people have faith in you. Take care, and knit, knit knit, it helps relieve stress! :->


For your choker problem...why not just pick up stitches on the ends, knit a few rows and then decrease down to one. Bind off and sew ends in or leave long enough for a tie. Would that work?
Wow, sorry to hear about your guitar player leaving...sounds like that puts you all in a tough spot. I know you will get through it and I agree, there must be a reason.
Knit on!


Sorry Share. It's a really shitty thing to leave you in the lurch like that. But I know you guys will kick more ass without him.

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