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June 24, 2004



Damn girl - let me see if I can get this in the right order as they were posted:
david bowie is the shit
no comment
damn, sending dad good vibes
yikes! make time for yourself & knit

You've done quite a bit on your little hiatus away from knitaddictions. Good for you. Sorry that your dad is not well, we'll send some good vibes his way. Remember to take some time for yourself to step back and enjoy all you've done.

what else is there if it's not dirty?!
xx jessica


Hi! I have been reading your site for a few weeks now and really enjoy it. Sorry to hear about your dad. It is hard watching your parents age. My dad had a stroke about two years ago and some days I feel like I am constantly worrying. Try to stay positive. It sounds like you have a good support system around you. :) I have only had my site up a few weeks and already hit a wall when I fell into a depressed slump. Hated everything and everyone around me. Do you post? Do you stay away? It's really tough some days. Please keep writing though! So many people enjoy your writing. I know I really look forward to reading a new post!



Glad to see you are posting (yes your site is one of the must checkouts everyday at work and inspired me to get myself a blog which is nowhere as entertaining as yours)

I can't wait to see which item of yours is in the new book. (here's praying that it's the Bam 13 sweater which is awesome)

Good luck with the video shoot

And sending my best juju out to your dad. My mom has cancer and a host of other serious medical problems so I can fully relate to your worries.

Hope Bam's shoulder is feeling better.


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