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June 09, 2004



Ooooh, a digital camera...what kind did you get? It's about time chickie!!!!

Okay, what do I have to do to get you to come around again?????????? Are you ignoring us...and don't tell me how busy you've been either. A phone call doesn't hurt (sniff, sniff) :-< Not even e-mails, boo-hoo. Remember, I know where you live, and you just might come home and find me knitting on your doorstep!

Hey, did you check out my new needle case holders? One of them makes me think of you and it's my "totally Share" case. Can you guess which one???????????

I want to see mucho pictures now, no excuse!

Tootles chickie!


Your visit sounds relaxing... enjoy your fam while you are with them.

You're not going to believe the amount of crap that you are going to photograph now that you have a digital. Have a ball!


I say "tornado-ing" on a regular basis. You're not alone-must be a midwest thing. Ya betcha.

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