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July 20, 2004



Have to agree with you on #4 for the band. My boyfriend has been in a make-shift band for about two years now doing covers of everything from Duran Duran to Danzing to KISS. I love that he's having fun with it and love watching them "jam". Even for their little thrown together band it's a big time commitment. I've even recently bought an acoustic guitar to learn so I can play too... not anytime soon though, it's hard to learn! Have fun in Vancouver!


Hey Shar! I hope your Dad is feeling better!
My husband has been in bands for as long as we have been together. (I am no YOKO) He is between bands right now so I know your frustration and misery. I have a funny link you should check out. It is bass player jokes: www.users.bigpond.com/prodigalson/bass.htm
They have some funny ones! But you like your bass player! Oh well, Have a great trip.


Burn out's a big one too. I haven't been in a band since high school (lead vocals and a very short stint as a fill-in bassist - I sucked), but I went on to study voice in college. By the end of my second year I was completely burned out. The stress, the competition, the hours of rehearsal and far too few hours of sleep, the completely f*cked up relationships, both personal and professional. I was on a one-way ticket to the looney bin, so I got out while I could and before I self destructed. More power to ya for sticking it out because you love it that much.

Have fun in Vancouver. Tell Bam to take it easy. If he can manage some meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises), it might help him deal with the pain in his arm. Love to both of you and your dad too.


There's some great artists at Sacred Heart. Talk to Adam Sky or Steve Moore - both do amazing work.
Have fun in Van!


Hope your dad will be better. And I hope your mom's okay, too. I love the yarn smile and the eloquence of your previous entry. You can probably write a song about yarn! And make it ROCK!

Larissa H

This is probably too late, but I live in Van, so let me know if you need recommendations on LYS's. I can tell you some good ones, and which to stay away from!


Here's my list:

1. Ashlee 'hope she fucking rot in hell' Simpson et al.
2. Boy 'hope they all fucking die' bands et al.
3. Didn't make the cut for Sanity fair
4. Any addiction (gambling, ebay)
5. Amputation (can't play with no hands)
6. Demophobia
7. Spermatophobia (can't play with latex gloves, yknow)
8. Amnesia
9. Illness in the family
10. Heartbreak
11. Got drafted
12. Financial hardships (can't play when you can't buy strings)
13. Jealousy (when you're in a band, you automatically become a babe magnet and your gf/bf/wife/husband may may not like that)
14. Cult
15. Deafness

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