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July 11, 2004



Did you really yell that in the middle of Michael's? I'm so jealous--I've wanted to do that, many times, but never had the guts to. You are offically my new hero!


I try to go to Michaels during the week to avoid the stampede. But next time I'll channel you and yell my lungs out!

P.S. My boy used to be in a band, long hair and all, and I showed him your pics. It totally brought back memories for him! Cool blog, you rock!


Hey Riotgrrl, forget the 'chain & more tattoos' and just grab a scully cap and flight jacket and you'll be on your way. I've been itchin' for a pair of oxblood doc's for about 10 years now. Why I haven't purchased them yet is a wonder - but I haven't. As for the knitting update part of the post, it was enjoyable until the last sentence. What's that all about? If it turns out great, if not oh well. It has *nothing* to do with how good you are. Silly girl.
Oh - as for the egg... My dad is a chef, my mother a cook (they catered together for years), I am a great cook w/ asperations (sp?) of going to culinary school and you know what? I have NO IDEA how long you cook an egg. None. Although I just read something about adding the egg to the pan while the water is cold. I think. Bahhh!

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