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July 13, 2004



Hey.. what knit night are you going to? Are you gonna trek all of the way to Santa Monica??

You and Bam and me and Allen should all get together one of these nights... we can knit and talk about tunes... rawk out.. ya know.



hahahahahaha! I am SO with you on the being typical thing! I HATE when I can trace my misery to PMS. Makes me SUCH the cliche!

(hi, I'm lara by the way :) ) I'm visiting LA this weekend...any advice on yarn stores to visit? And how hot IS IT? you're scaring me...


Lisa in Oregon

Must be some sort of cosmic cloud...been having money woes myself. If you are like me, being hot and sticky just sends me over the edge. Makes me way cranky with everyone and I can't hardly stand myself.

It'll get better. It's not permanent. :) L


"Nobody told me there'd be days like this." John Lennon sure had it right. Some days are just bummers, when nothing seems quite right. Drink a cup of tea, nibble some chocolate and get cozy with your knitting. You'll feel better in no time.

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