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July 14, 2004



Just a note that clicking on the link to WendyKnits in this post got me a batch of pop-up ads and not her website.

So is it the good kind of abducted by aliens feeling? Like when you were a kid and spun around and around until you fell over? (okay, some of us still do this)


There was a tv miniseries last week called The 4400. A whole bunch of folks disappeared over the years and then one day just reappear on a mountainside. Were they abducted by aliens? We assume so. Now those folks were really outta sorts. Here's hoping you feel earthbound soon.
And have a great vacation. I am jealous!
I love Vancouver!!


I had twilight zone music playing in my head while reading your post... Are you ok?


Yikes! Do we get to find out at some point what the alien abduction is about??!! Call me nosy . . . :-)


So now I'm dying of curiosity. Not even a hint?


You can't keep us all in suspense... do tell what happened.

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