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July 25, 2004



Whoa! No wonder you were thrown for a loop. Geez. That's like stalking's first cousin. Creepy.

Wish I could come down for the gig. I'd love to cheer you on, baby!

rock chick

I just did a spit take with my java! Sorry about the creep factor, but this is too funny. Can't wait to see it!


Pfew! Weird, but I too would want to see that! (I am not a stalker) God, I think I would hate that. I have heard of Vixen, but never heard the music. Rock on!

Lisa in Oregon

You're a good sport Share! It must have been sooo tempting to say "bug off!"

Uh, posing as flower delivery, sending you email pretending to be knit friends? Sounds like stalking to me! Creepy and weird! Wish I had cable so I could see it! Hmmm, I'll have to hit up a friend to see if they'll tape it.

I went to the Bubble site and got a kick out of it! Your music is like the punk stuff I liked in the '80s....(YES that's a compliment!), some of the so-called punk I've been exposed to recently by my kids...is gross. My humble opinion only of course. ;-D Lisa in Oregon


When those folks want something, they stop at nothing. Looking forward to the big reunion :-P Will you tease your hair for the occasion?


Share, that is tooooooo funny. Creepy, once in a lifetime, something to tell the stepkids about, something to put a smile on your dad's face... yes. all at once. That is too outrageously cool.

Oooh!! I wanna go to your (eewwww) gig. That would totally RAWK.

Jen L

Sheesh! Too crazy! But very exciting, no? You'll be a rock star and a TV star... But, I guess you were already both of those things, huh? Oh, by the way: At first, I thought you were going to say it was TLC's "What Not to Wear!" Ha! :)


Hmmm I remembered that the other week I asked you if you were going to the knit meeting.. but I swear(!) I am not one of the Vh1 people.


OMG, you were in Vixen? I remember huge hair and that one song... Why didn't I connect the dots there? Very very kewl!


ooooo wiiiiiiierd. I've TOTALLY SEEN THAT SHOW! it's GOOD! Speaking as a semi-public figure (I stress SEMI), the stalk-factor is WAY creepy though. They don't show THAT part on VH1!! DAMN!

WOW though! I can't wait to SEE IT! (too bad I won't be in LA that week :( )


Hey Share - welcome back! That is a totally creepy (and wild!) story! So everybody decided to say yes to the gig. Wow.

I guess it's all for a good cause since they are going to play a clip of your new Bubble video, right?

I have to mirror the comments above and ask... are you going to do the hair? Probably not, eh? I kind of miss the hair. Just a teensy bit.

Let us know when the show will air (if you know yourself) and when the gig is. I won't be able to attend the gig (being on the complete OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY) but I'm sure there are a bunch of us that can go.

Toodles ;)


Hmmm. I didn't realize stalking was allowed for a TV show. I would have said no just to see what they did but I am perverse like that. Plus I would have been a bit annoyed at being ambushed during my knitting time! You are being an extremely good sport. And a little national exposure for Bubble can't hurt!

With all that said, I would love to come and see this gig. Classic eighties performed by bad-ass woman who rock and a chance to see the new Bubble video!?!?! That sounds like a great night. Let me know if any of us LA locals can come and see you!


that is too too weird. i hope they weren't rooting around in your garbage or anything. the reunion gig sounds like a great show!

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