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July 18, 2004



Sending white light your way....


Share - today seems to be a horrible day and your news makes it that much more so. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Was hoping he'd be doing better. I will send you an email later on... Has Bam tried acupuncture? My close friend claims that acupuncture helps *everything*

Thinking of you, dad and Bam.


It's a harsh reality, to see one's parent's health failing. Remember, Share, how precious every minute is. Tell him all the things you never had the courage to tell him. Be as much with him in your heart and spirit as you can be. He'll know and you'll have the opportunity to see him as you never have before in the time he has, be it weeks, months or years.

Sending you strength, love and support. As always, Nathania


Share, I'm sorry to hear all the downer stuff happening all at once. Hang in there, better times are on the way.


It sux how things always happen all at once, like, can't you get some solid GOOD with the bad, just to balance it out? I hope things start to look up for you soon...


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