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July 09, 2004



Well the cyber gods are not looking down favorably at me right now so here it goes for the second time.

I am opting to play the weird job list.

While I was at Uni, I temped a bit one summer and managed to end up at a diamond dealer's office where I had to attempt to do his bookkeeping (not really that hard when there is no money coming in) Well his partner would call on a daily basis from Federal prison where he was serving a long time for being one of America's biggest embezzlers in history. Yes I noted this but desperately needed the money. Of course my check bounced once and that was it. Tired of his excuses, I quit luckily one day prior to the FBI swooping in the office and arresting him for jewel theft and lord knows what other activities. I did get a call from him a few years later from guess where, yup, Federal prison.

Another odd enough or crappy job in my short career was working at a health food company in Santa Monica. I was hired as an assistant and by my first day I was miraculously their office manager. By the second week, I was moved into the position of account managaress. Now they had not reconciled their books in over a year and the number of bounced checks that they had were insane. So after having another paycheck bounced on me, I walked out and luckily landed another job quickly. But this place was insane as most of the people brought changes of clothing to work on Monday. Why you might ask. Well most employees would work all hours of the day and night and sleep in the office not just one day a week but usually Monday until Saturday morning and when I objected to this I was looked down upon like I was the strange one.

Thanks for the restaurant referral, me and a friend were planning a field trip down to the garment district for beads and fabric and now we have somewhere to fine dine at on a budget. How can you go wrong????

And another thanks to you, Ms Share, I will be perusing the shelves at Borders tomorrow for Drama Queen. I need a little chick lit boost at the moment and this sounds delightful. The last one I read was "Don't Sleep with Your Drummer" that Paul picked me up for a laugh. Corporate girl quits her job to start a rock band, written in journal style. Very cute

See you on Tuesday, fingers crossed, I still have your paper yarn and magazine for ya.

Lisa in Oregon

No particularly odd jobs in my past...Just de-lurking to say I so identify with spending the day at Borders to escape reality, reading without paying, and spending wayyyyyy to much time thinking about stuff instead of doing it! Love your blog, ;) Lisa in Oregon


Oh man, Share!
I have been living with construction next to our apt bldg for months! Even on Saturdays!!
It started off with the killing (cutting down) of three gorgeous trees, each easily many decades old. I am a real city girl, but watching those trees destroyed made me cry.
Every frickin' morning, there's the ceremonial dropping of the plank, or hammer, followed by whirring, beeping, banging, buzzing and my all-time favorite..the nail gun!
I can't escape it, 'cause I work at home.
Weird jobs...well, if we ever meet one day, I'll tell you in person, but it involves a several hundred pound farm hog....and no, it's not one of those Cinemax after dark scenarios. Eeeks!


Hey - that bites about Blender. I walked by the current one yesterday and I thougt of you. I would have told them to shove the mag up their rears. They may have found this blog, but obviously didn't read it or they would've known about Bubble. Idiots.
I have worked 0 odd jobs. Nope. I'm a capricorn. I need stead, responsible jobs with mucho-benefits. How much do I suck?

Oh - you should try some of that great drop stitch action in one of your wristbands. It'd look punky, no? Ciao~


My "job sin" is that I've never done what I really wanted to do. Maybe if I had a clue I would've pursued it. I've always gone the safe route--steady jobs with benefits (mostly lame). Now that I'm in the process of career transition, I find myself at an organization that offers very little job satisfaction but awesome benefits. "Should I stay or should I go?" To quote Jessica "how much do I suck?" You know what's really sad? I'm an Aquarius, I'm supposed to be the stubbornly independent free spirit!

BTW, if Blender is so lame to think of you as a has been, then you're better off without 'em

Have a great week (o:


My oddest job was temping for a month at jewelry factory the summer after my first year of college. I would sit for hours drilling holes in beads and having to catch every bit of scrap since it was gold. Or hand polishing all of these keychains that were destined for Tiffany's. Of course I did learn to solder there and that's a useful skill but it just confirmed that I was not meant to do manual labor.

Of course, I haven't really figured out what I am meant to do yet. Until then, engineering pays the bills.

rael estate glendale

I would sit for hours drilling holes in beads and having catch every bit of scrap since it was gold.


I know that this was written a loooong time ago but I just ran across it and it cracked me up. I was a telephone psychic too! I had to have a psychic name and mine was "Astrid". I was 19 at the time and it allowed me to working my pajamas and smoke pot all day (a habbit which is now long gone). I didn't do very well and even though I picked up some decent checks I dreaded everytime the phone rang.

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