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July 19, 2004



Hey Honey:

Hang in there. I can't believe that the Fed Ex didn't make it in time. That is beyond belief. Hoping dad is feeling better in the days to come and your trip to Vancouver provides some kind of solace.

Will send as much good juju as I can.


Gawd, I love the photo of your yarn smile! Thanks for making ME smile. Hang in there sweetie! I'm sending positive energy your way . . .


You asked: Why must I tell you all of this?
Answer: Because we all care!!!

Knitters are truely the best people in the world, I know this yet am amazed by it daily as well. Hope everyone pulls through in good health. (by the way, been a lurker on your blog and love it!!)


I am sending you all of the postive thoughts I can. Last year my dad, healthy and energetic all of his life, went into the hospital suddenly one afternoon. My stepmom called me to let me know and to tell me that they were running tests. He had had sharp chest pains. Everyone on my dad's side of the family has pacemakers.. they all die from heart attacks. He's been lucky. They all got their pacemakers at 35 or 40... he's 57 and can still run and hike for miles. He's not skinny, but he's healthy. I have never been so upset in my life, I think. When my mom got into a motorcycle accident, I was shaken but ok. My dad has a little chest pain.. I was there within the week. Of course, when they were done testing him at the hospital that day (a few minutes after I got off of the phone with him) he was yelling at the doctors because he felt fine and wanted to go home and they made him stay. I can just picture him in there... with that pissed off look on his face. The scary thing is that he looks like Richard Kuklinski... ya know (The Iceman: The "Best" Mafia Hitman) especially when he's mad.

I truly hope you're dad is in there fighting them with as much spunk and vitality as you have. If he's anything like you, he'll bounce back in no time. Growling all of the way. My thoughts are with you.

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