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August 27, 2004



Darn. You already heard. I was just paging thru my EW and was like "Wow! It's Share!' You look great! Congrats!


Happy birthday to Bam! I hope you both have a wonderful day.

I'll be on a roadtrip, too, next week, so I'll send some positive energy to you, my fellow traveller!


Dude - that totally sucks that you can't talk to your mum without the biblical reasoning. I think everyone should be spiritual, but I agree with you... no mass religion. It sounds like your mum is doing what we were taught to do (ie: when religion was shoved down our throats) by resorting to God for answers. I honestly believe that religion is the most powerful force on this earth... well, it's a toss up between that and love. Maybe when she starts with her verses, in your mind try to insert your own spiritual beliefs in place of what she is saying?

I'm so sorry to hear about you dad. I wish he was doing better. Just know that all of here in knit/blog land are thinking of you and your fam.



I hope you have a good visit with your parents. It's difficult when religion becomes a barrier to sharing real feelings. I know your parents are always happy to see you. As for b-day present for Bam--you have each other and that's worth so much more than any present. How 'bout making him dinner :-D

Take care and have a safe trip!


Share - love and support is just an email away. I'll be thinking of you and your folks. I don't have any advice for easing the religion thing. Just love 'em because you love 'em. They love you the same way, they just don't always know how to show it.

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