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August 30, 2004



you know.. I really want a secret pal. I want to send stuff.. but I have no clue where to begin! Can you help?
Thought about you last night while I was watching VH1.


We'll give your secret pal a nudge. Sorry you haven't heard from her/him!

secret pal

Don't worry - no nudging needed. Your first package made it into the mail on Monday so be keeping an eye out.


OMG! Please excuse me, because I am obviously very slow and just discovered it now: YOU PLAYED FOR VIXEN??

I listened to Vixen cassettes nearly every freakin' day while driving around when I was in law school! Some of the tracks were on my everyday mixed workout tape, too. That bass gave me the energy I needed for a few more reps of the z-bar.

Wow. Years later, I'm reading your knitting blog. I've been reading your blog for months and just now discovered this totally excellent fact. [Nearly faints from excitement.]

If you write to me and send me your addy, I'd love to send you a fiber treat from France as a thank you!

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