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August 18, 2004



Don't know of any yarn shops, but I recommend trying to find a magazine called "Let's Knit" (the cover will have "Let's Knit Series" printed on it in English). I haven't been able to get my hot little hands on one myself, but I am told they have good clear schematic diagrams. Hopefully charts too. There's a book titled "Girly Knit" that might be fun to flip through too. Or heck, just check out the kids in Harajuku, some of them are bound to be wearing knits of some sort, espesh the deconstructed kind that you love.

Congrats on the tour and don't let the American record shops get you down! You aren't the only band in the US that can't get arrested at home but can pack them in when they go overseas. Judging by some of the swill I hear on the radio, we Americans have bad taste and should not be allowed to own radio stations and music stores. Will you be posting tour dates/locations? I have a friend in Tokyo who would probably love to check out Bubble!


Hey girl - don't let us American's and our bad taste in music get you down. You know your album rocks and your overseas tours will prove it. I have a friend who is in the same situation (he's on an independant label)- their tours sell out in Germany, etc. but nothing doing here in the US. Gawd - It seems like to make it "big" here you have to sell out and join a big conglomerate affiliated label/promoter/sell your soul company. Sucks. I'd rather listen to you guys on indie radio than some clear channel mass-produced crap anyday! Grrrr... now I'm all riled up.
Oh - and for the promotional stuff... I would have hung up and cried after the first phone call. Your a pretty strong woman to keep calling around.

Can't wait to see pic's of LuLu!!


I think the writer of Pinku http://pinkurocks.typepad.com/ is in Tokyo. She loves pink too so she's got to be cool, right?


Oh, babe! The tour news is so exciting! As for the rest of it, remember: "ebb and flow". You just gotta ride out the ebb and wait for the flow. It's not just about belief. Faith. Faith is where it's at. Love to you and Bam.


That's so awesome. I am so happy for you. I wanted to go to the knit night, but I have my dog with me and apparently it's not ok to bring him even if he's safe and snug in his bag. Not able to get into any trouble. Whatever. I am just so happy for you and your tour and, oh yea, f*ck Amoeba They aren't half as cool you and Bam, right?

Ahhhh, Allen really digs your CD (as do I) and wanted me to tell you that.


Great news about Japan!!! I hope everything works out like it should. Maybe you can find the home of Noro and bring home some sweet Silk Garden that hasn't been released yet.

It's reassuring to hear your guitarist friend is happy to work for free. Just goes to show you do have support from somewhere, even if it's not from Amoeba. That's a bummer! Apart from that, you have a lot to look forward to (o:


Woo Hoo! Congrats on the tour. Hope you guys have a blast. Wow, England...home of Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Colinette and on and on......
I hear ya about tha noise (there ain't no funk).
The house next door was a concoction of chainsaws, drills, hammers, woodchippers with car alarms thrown in. Top it off with my building manager sawing tiles.
Maybe you and Bam can write a symphony of construction!


In Tokyo there are a few that might tickle your fancy!

Ikebukuro Area
Seibu Loft is a huge department store which has a small craft section, containing some yarn and other knitting supplies. It's pretty decent, but small.

Tokyu Hands is a "do-it-yourself" multi-leveled store where you can find sewing, knitting, spinning, or crocheting They've got lots of stuff there, including furniture, cookware, bathroom goods, kitchen goods...oh the list goes on! There is also another Tokyu Hands in the Shibuya area.

Shinjuku Area
Okadaya is also a good store for knitting supplies. This store's got tons of stuff for any crafty gal! You can spend a good amount of time there. The top floor has a good book selection where you can find the latest knitting mags/books there too.

Kichijoji Area
Yuzawaya is one of tokyo's largest (or possibly) THE largest craft store in Tokyo. You would spend HOURS there. Lots of fun things to look at and also yummy yummy yarn.

Hope this info helps you out! Enjoy the good reads on your blog! I've been living in Tokyo since last year, possibly for at least one more....

Keep up the great knitting and congrats with your tour! :D

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