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September 28, 2004



Oh, I'm a big fan of using CSS and completely understand, conceptually, why it's so great. Being able to separate your content and design gives you a lot of possibilities. The one thing I'd warn you about is that not all browsers support all CSS. I find it better to use a hybrid layout in which I use tables to contain items and CSS to format it. Purists will poo-poo me on that, but I know too many people with old versions of Netscape that simply cannot properly display CSS. If I had one suggestion to give you it would be to preview any site you have with and without the CSS active and make sure that you find both versions acceptable. That will cover you for any browser.


Oh, CSS sure is fun, isn't it?? Really, once you get it down it makes things soooo simple. Good luck!

I'll have to go thank Marnie for the tips. Jeeeze... you can learn so much from knitting buddies!


Wow, I admire you for trying to learn that. I really would love to take a class on web design stuff, as I really only can do the very very basics with html. It sounds like there are so many possibilities with CSS. Good luck, I'll be excited to see what you do with it!

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