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September 16, 2004



That food looks very good.Seems I could smell it !!
Maybe Bam should think 'bout opening a restaurant to earn extra money when you're not on tour.

I suggest Foodble as a name. It cuold have tablecloths Knitted by you and pink details all over it.
What do you think?

Tou're a box of surprises. Want to be a spy, kickboxer, knitter (it was a surprise for me, I have to admit it), etc, etc. Tour days must have 35 hours, doesn't they?

The sheep joke is very funny. Have you ever knitted something for an animal? Maybe your dog?

All by now!

Keep on Bubbleing the world!


I wanted to say

"Your days must have 35 hours" instead of "Tour days".

My fingers don't always press the right keys. They are out of my control.



Where can I get a boy like that!?! ;)

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