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September 29, 2004



Wow, I'm so glad I gave up Burger King and McDonalds a couple of years ago. Like you said, it has to be the LAST resort.

I haven't seen the film but I have heard a lot about it. Bloody fast food. When I see an overweight child it knocks me sick, their eyes disappearing under those humongous cheeks and you just know they're on their way to devour a nasty concoction of fat infested chips and a cow cack burger.

Makes me ill to think I loved eating there as a child myself...ewwww.

-Angela xxx

ps- the latest Bubble CD rocked my socks clean off! :D


I've kinda weaned myself off of McDonald's for the most part (except the last-resort thing you were talking about) because almost every time I eat there, I feel ILL afterwards. Just ILL.

But DAMN GIRL, you have FATBURGER! You can't swear off Fast Food when you live near FATBURGER! and IN and OUT! [[sigh]]


AMEN SISTAH!!! Try reading Fast Food Nation... it is absolutely horrendous!! I couldn't agree with you more about eating for life, not for a diet. I HATE all the low carb shit!! How good can a low carb diet be if the people on them have to take special vitamins??? Oh don't get me started I could go on and on about fad diets and fast food and obesity. I live in Maine where we have one of the highest obesity rates (and a McDonald's on every corner... go figure!!)


I agree with Kate... read Fast Food Nation. I stopped eating McD fries when I found out it was a chemical that made them smell so good/appealing.

My rule of thumb, if it has High Fructose Corn Syrup or Hydrogenated Oils in it, then it's probably something I DON'T want to eat.

"Next time you see an obese person sitting next to a smoker. Think about telling the overweight person that they ought to give up overeating before you yell at the smoker."
for the record, if someone actually said that to me (overeating) I'd knock their lights out. I know, not very zen, but I would.


I know it's a little tangential, but this blog posting on the sneeze is a great example of how some americans see "healthy eating"


It's really scary.

I'm going to second (third?) the Fast Food Nation recommendation. It's a great read and might even make you consider eating In and Out once in a while :o)

Oh, and thanks for the sweet plug *blush*


Um, ok, WHY IS IT THAT when I got off work at 3am, AFTER READING THIS ENTRY and replying to it, I WENT TO MCDONALDS?!!?!?!!? [[sigh]]

My only comfort is the hello kitty toy I got in the Happy Meal ;)


Heya... Its cool to read the blog of a person I'd watch on video when I was a young teen.

I am a vegan, and I dread fast foods as well... But I would like to point out that overeating is not the only cause of obesity. At age 16, I weight not even 130lbs, and at age 24, 270. I spent my teens sporting and dieting only to find myself heavier and heavier.

I live in Holland, and here even more than in America, obesity is pointed out, and they won't be shy to take care of it surgically. I've managed to sport and get down to 250, but now my knees are killing me.

Luckily, this will have a better chance from dec 12th, I will undergo gastric by-pass surgery...



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