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September 30, 2004



Awesome photo little lady

OK here is my answer to the time machine question. I have stuck firm on this for years now.

I want to go back to the lost weekend with Lord Byron, Mary Shelly, Percy B Shelley and Bram Stoker. No one knows what happened that weekend. Check out the film Gothic for one idea.....

Just a side note about In and Out they are supported by the church and you can find a biblical saying on every cup.


Love the new picture.

The time machine question is tough. I would love to head back to the 18th century but I think the geek in me would win out. I would have to head into the future to see what kind of amazing technologies we have developed. Probably 500 yrs. I think at 10,000 years we probably will no longer be on this planet or died out.


ooooooooh. It would be soo cool to visit some historical time or to jet into the future to see what happens to mankind and technology, but I think I would go back to the summer I turned 13 to spend time with my Grandmother and my dad, who both died that year. I was so busy being a preteen, I never really bothered to get to really KNOW them, and now I never will :(


Love that picture of you in the sidebar!

Hm...I'm tempted to visit a date in the past but I've already been there. I think I'd pick a date 100 years from now, so I can see how things have changed and so I can meet any great great grandchildren I might be lucky enough to get!


I think I would go back to the 1920's. Any farther back and you'd be walking around in feces and plague. I would go hang out with flappers and party with the great gatsby. Glamorama, baby. I'd come back before the depression though.

Love the new pic.


Hey Share!

You look lovely in that new picture.

Time machine is an interesting idea. Maybe going to the future scares me too much. I think I prefer to keep the future unknown and keep believeing things will go right.

Past is more attractive to me. There's a lot of moments in history that I would like to be able to see (how did the egyptians build up the pyramids, what did people do in Stonehenge, etc) But maybe I wouldn't go that far and choose to meet my grandfathers which I never meet.

About fast food. I agree with you and I'm sorry to know you weren't able to taste Spanish food. If you finally came to my city on tour next year (you know where I'm from)and have some free time I would love to invite the band to have dinner with my wife and I so you will taste our wonderful food. Just say when.

Keep on Bubbleing the World


Love the new photo of you -- wait'll I show it to my coworker who has a crush on you!


I would probably go forward 200 years just to see how far we've come and how silly and outdated the future people will think we were.

Or I'd go back to the 40's. The era I think I should have been a young adult in.

Jen L

One date only? And then I have to come back to today? That's easy! I would pick tomorrow. I'd get the winning Powerball numbers and then I'd come back to today and buy myself a winning ticket... Ooooh, baby! I've already started spending the moola!

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