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October 31, 2004



Regarding the destasher's regret, I found a good solution. Try finding a charity that needs yarn. There are a couple of online resources for charities revolving around needle craft. Some want finished items but some just want yarn.
Check out this link:

It's a lot easier to part with yarn when you know it'll be put to good use :)


Hi Share, I think giving up coffee and trying to destash all in one week is brutal on the soul. One step at a time, sister.

As for giving up coffee, I recently gave up my daily cuppa tea and found it easier by following some advice I'd read in a health magazine: Eating an apple will wake you up just as effectively as drinking a cup of coffee. This actually worked for me so give it a try.

Here's to your health and wellness!


hey, it could be worse...you could be like Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City) and her shoes...100 pairs of Manolo Blahniks (or however you spell them) and no money to buy her apt!

"Are you telling me I spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to LIVE?!?!!?

I really WILL be the old woman who lived in her shoes!!!"


ps - have you tried Wheatgrass? There's something about LA and wheatgrass, they GO together. It's good shit. LIQUID SUNSHINE! Try it. But chase it with peach or mango juice instead of an orange slice...the orange counteracts the greeny goodness and peach just tastes better :)

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