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October 18, 2004



Hi Share, I hope your dad is feeling better very, very soon. Thanks for the Green Soup recipe and, yes, please post the recipe for the pesto. I love fish and eat salmon at least weekly if not more. So any new recipes are greatly appreciated. Take good care of you and yours.


Good vibes heading your way. Keep making all that tasty food to keep you and your Mom's spirits up. And keep knitting for your sanity.


*hugs* Keep up the good work. Totally sweet of you to knit a scarf for the head nurse!


Wow Share, I'm glad that you were there for your dad. I hope he gets better really really soon.

I'm sure all the nurses are fighting over who gets to take care of your dad... not just because they want a scarf, but because your dad sounds like a pretty cool guy.

Oh... please do post that pesto recipe. Sounds soooo yummy


ooohmygod! :( Share, my thoughts are with you!! I know I don't really know you, but if you need anything, you just give me a shout, ok? oh! and thanks for the recipes!! I will definately try that Pear salad!


((Hugs)) So sorry for you, family illness stuff sucks big time! Take care of yourself.

BTW: A tip for the smelly hands situation in the future... stainless steel does incredible things for getting rid of the smell of garlic and fish (onions too!). They actually sell little blocks of stainless steel for this (google "stainless steel soap" to find them), but all you really need to do is wet your hands and rub them on something made from stainless steel - a sink, a utensil, whatever... just be careful if it's a knife ;-) Voila, no smell!

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