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October 21, 2004



That is good news about your Dad! I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts. :-) And congrats to Bam for being somke-free for over a week! Wow!

I'll be setting my VCR for the VH1 show . . .

And I'm thinking about what to knit with my Tagliatelli . . .


So glad to hear your dad is doing better. I can only imagine what you have been going through these past few months. I hope the rest of the journey gets easier for all of you.
Congrats to Bam for quitting smoking!!!


That is great news about your dad!

Pesto sounds wonderful.

I'll have to recommend that book to my friend who is trying to quit. I was only able to when I was down a lung and in the hospital for a week. Made me realize how great those lungs are. Great for Bam for being able to do it! It really is hard ;-) My hubby likes to "smash things" (his words not mine) too - he's so funny and child-like (in a good way) sometimes. Must be the testosterone.


Hi Share,

I'm very happy to know your father is better. I have to say I really admire your mother's strength. She es helping your father and also fighting aganist her own cancer.
Better times are about to come. Keep the faith.

Pesto sounds good. I'll try to do it.

Congratulations to Bam. My wife gave up smoking five years ago and I know some times is difficult not to start smoking again.

Be crazy, enjoy life!


Hi Share, Good news about your dad. I hope things keep improving.

And excellent news about Bam. I love his hammer method. I may have to try that the next time I move - only what survives is coming with me.

Thanks for the pesto recipe. I'll give it a try this weekend.

Thanks for your cheery, upbeat blogs. They make the blogworld a better place.


I will have to figure out how to invite myself over to the home of someone with cable tv for your Bands Reunited episode. I really like that show, and it will be INSANE to see someone I know (well, not really know, but blog-know) on it.
When I quit smoking I thought it was exactly like having really bad PMS that lasted a long time. I think it is good for men to know what women go through every month!
I am glad they figured out what was going on with your dad's seizures, that must have been pretty scary.


Wow, that pesto recipe is just about identical to how my Zia Pia makes it -- and she's from Palermo, Sicily! So yummy!


YAY!! I'm so happy about your dad!!!


Damn..I'm glad ya'll did this vh-1 thingy..You chicks still rock hard, and still look damn good too. Keep on rockin, and i'm gonna have to check out Bubble.

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