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October 11, 2004



Hi Share, hope your trip to Minnesota goes well. Sounds like it might be a tough week.
the pink hair looks great-- extensions sound much easier than going through the whole bleach and dye and redye and redye thing.
too bad i'll probably not be down that far south to see you play your gig. maybe you'll come up to san fransisco some time???

Davey Jonez


Hang in there!!!

We Luv You (and Bam)

Ragged Hearts


Sending you vibes of strength and Zen for your family visit.
Please take care.
And...love those pink extensions and that new photo is ROCKTASTIC!


Hi Share, I'm taking your advice and making another scarf! Gotta take a break from those Christmas presents. Good luck with your visit with family - I totally feel for you. And I love the pink hair extensions. Wish I had the stones.


Your scarves are beautiful! Between the autumn weather here in Boston and your beautiful scarves I think I'm going to get started on one of my own very soon.

I hope all goes well at home w/ your mum and dad.



Great scarves...i was also in a scarf mood last week. Spit out a couple in a very short while! The weather is getting so great here (eastern canada) for them! ^_^

I love reading about other stuff on your blog as well...like you rock info etc. Wish I was in Hollywood to check you out! ^_^ Good luck with it!


Hi Share, this is my first time commenting. I was surfing, looking for other knitters and found your site. I want to thank you for introducing me to the Stitch Cafe. I'm about 5 miles from there (my daughter live 2 blocks away)and we went over yesterday to shop. Wow! They have some great yarns I haven't seen anywhere else. I don't have a knitting blog, but a few friends and I have a craft blog where I sometimes show off my knitting. http://onaquestforjoy.blogspot.com

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