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November 14, 2004



I prefer green arse myself...


Boy...Chef Bam makes some interesting stuff:)


I'm curious... what does one use a whole can of brain jelly for? I find I only need a teaspoon or two and end up tossing the rest of it out, which is why I usually just buy it fresh :)


The list appears to be lacking some eye of newt. Really, you cannot concoct a go "overthrow the government" spell without it.


Has someone been reading the Harry Potter books lately? The shopping list looks like something Snape would assign for Potions class.

Lee in St. Paul

true bravery is coming home late, your girlfriend attacking you with a broom stick and you still have the balls to ask, you still cleaning ? or are you flying somewhere ?


I find that heart of baby dragon makes everything a little more spicy. You should use this fresh .. the powder just isn't the same.

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