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November 12, 2004



mmmmm.... satsumas.... I used to get those at a farmer's market when I lived in Florida. Loved. Them.


Hey honey - glad to see you're enjoying the hat [and the soap!]. Thats so funny about Bam13. Learn as you go, right? He'll cherish that sweater when your a super-famous knitting maven. Yup.

Stay warm in your beautiful handknit socks. They look so cozy...

And thanks, those oranges are killing me! It's snowing here. No fresh fruit, nothing in my garden. Ugh.

Have a great weekend!
ps - cute pic of you and your scarf.


So I saw the show on VH1 this weekend. I nudged my boyfriend and said, "Ryan! Ryan! I know her!"

He looked at me like I was on drugs.

I then said, "Well, I kinda know her!"

Still, the "what are you smoking?" look.

Finally I said, "Okay, fine. I read her blog."

But I felt a connection never the less :)


hi yeah, my roomate saw you on VH1 and made me come and watch. its refreshing to see more and more cool knitters its great you did the interview in the yarn store!

anyway, yeah. i love the bam13 sweater too. But i probably won't make it since the backs of all my sweaters ride up too :/

Karen Rumpza

Hi! I saw you on VH-1 about 2 weeks ago and was so impressed that your interview was at what appeared to be a yarn store. Now I'm finding out you are from Minnesota!. I own Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis and would love to welcome you to my store! I also am the regoinal dircetor for The National Needlearts Association and would like to talk to you regarding young hip people who are knitting. I know you mentioned that your Dad is very ill, so please do not feel any pressure - just if you have a few minutes! Thanks! Karen

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