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November 10, 2004



I'm really glad you posted about all this. So many people [including myself] don't understand how the big corp. managment/production companies screw the bands and take all their money. And for what - the band does all the work! That really bites about the teeeny bubble clip - but if it gets the word out... Aren't you so super-glad that you guys did *all* the work for Bubble? You must be so proud of that - and know what? Most of your fans probably know it too.

It's over, back to the things that make you happy. As a friend of mine has said to me in the past, "onward and upward".



Hey Jessica,
Yes, I am happy I did it. I guess I can only liken the video spoilage to working really hard on a painting and then the biggest gallery in town loves it and hangs it up for one night.
Upside down.

I just feel a bit foolish.

But sigh. yes. sigh. In some way, people are finding us and I hope they will check out our music.
At least VH1 haven't asked for a songwriting credit for their audio rewrite?



At the risk of sounding like a broken record I second everything Jessica has commented. I found myself shocked to read that you get nothing from your best of CD, record companies and management companies work in mysterious ways that me, your average Joe consumer, just don't get.
Keep rocking the way you do best and the way that makes you happiest. How is Bam doing with quitting smoking?? Hope he's still kicking the habit.


Hey, I only watched the show to see my ghastly bright orange shirt. I think I saw my back once!

All kidding aside, looking foward to Bubble at Dragonfly next week!!!!


I have another positive for you. Or perhaps, more for me:

Some fellow knitters got to watch you being interviewed in front of yarn (drool), and have been introduced to your blog because of it!


I'm glad you posted about this...it really does suck to work so hard and see some big-ass company get paid for it. I just caught the end of it last night, and for what it's worth, you looked awesome and it sounded great! I would love to see you perform live...

Congrats on getting through it!! And here's to moving forward!!


I can't believe that they can get away with releasing a greatest hits and you won't get any benefit from it. That totally sucks. Maybe at least it will remind people how much you rock and they will find Bubble.

I watched last night (I set myself an Outlook reminder even b/c I'm that big of a nerd). Any press is *good* press, right? And you sounded damn eloquent and cool and proud and smart and talented. And they interviewed you in front of yarn, which I have to say was my favorite part (besides you rocking).


Doesn't this whole experience just make you wonder how much of what you see on TV is actually true? I know you don't watch TV, and I guess this experience isn't going to make you watch it more, which is not a bad thing. To bastardize some VH-1 and/or MTV show titles, what we really need is Behind the Music: Making the Show: Bands Reunited: Vixen.

Still, I have to hand it to you, whether it was just the editing or not, you were the only band member who made any sort of a point about being true to your self and your musical aesthetic (as well as moving away from corporate rock), so you did show your integrity. You can move on with Bubble and knitting and not look back if you don't want to do it.


Hi Share, I haven't seen it yet because the Canadian airing seems to be behind the American schedules.

But I wanted to say this, I think the system by which we pay artists (of any kind) is deplorable. Our society does not pay for the work an artist does only for work an artist completes. It's a form of enslavement.

Can you imagine what would happen if we paid everyone on this system? As a teacher, I wouldn't get paid unless a student passed a grade, or perhaps not until they become a contributing member of society at large. As an accountant, I wouldn't have been paid until the company I was doing the books for became a Fortune 500 stock issuer.

No, the majority of the workforce gets paid for the hours they put in, not just for an arbitrarily-judged end product. Artists, musicians and anyone else who gets paid by royalties is being exploited because as a society we have deemed this type of work as less than others in some way.

It's unfair and I can understand why someone with the talent/gifts that you have for music would be frustrated by the usurping nature of the business that surrounds you.

Always speak out about the injustice of it. Don't let them get away with it!

Power to you!


oy. That sucks. Not a surprise really that VH1 would be very heavy handed on the editing and everything, but still, it must hurt to be the victim of it all. It must have hurt to have to relive all that crap the label pulled on you guys, in the context of getting another load of crap pulled on you again by VH1. Well, you can put it on the list of one-time-only experiences I guess. Take a deep breath and move on!


Hi Share,

I feel a litlle bit guilty 'cause maybe I'm another reason more for you to feel that way about VH1. I've been asking you about the show too much. I'm sorry. Knowing a lot more about all of the situation from what you've explained in here, I agree with you. I would probably feel the same way if I was in your shoes.
Anyway, I can't stop being a fan. I like Vixen's songs and, as I wasn't able to see the band on stage in the past (I was on my way to Barcelona when you played here opening for Scorpions) I thought I could be great to see the band few years after. And I still want to see you all in that show.
We don't have lo live in the past, I agree, but you are who you are 'cause you have your past the same way I have mine. Thanks to that I got interested in your music and, looking for you, finally found Bubble... and I also like the band very much. Thanks to that I know this site exists and, like many other people, I can try to help you when hard times come and talk about the election or whatever.
Everybody needs to have a past to learn from it. Just take the positive things, remember the good times and use you knowledge for the future.
Be happy, be positive, be yourself... and send me the tape (HA, HA, HA!). Once again I'm sorry ;-)

John Aguilo

Hi Share,

Being a musician myself, and having been signed to a major label in the mid to late 80's, i can see where your coming from.
The music business is a joke when it comes to ripping people off. I remember managers and the labels ripping us off for our publishing and never getting paid for records sales.

As for the Vixen reunion, I thought it was great to see you and the girls get back together for one night, and i thought that you looked great. you're a very beautiful women and time has treated you well.

good luck with Bubble and stay true to yourself.


Ted K

You're so rock n roll. The show wasn't about your new band. It was about your old band. I'm guessing if people cared about your new band we'd be hearing about it. Lighten up would ya? How many people are out there struggling in bands working ungodly hours at ungodly jobs tying to get their break? I'm guessing labels and music corporations are pretty crooked, but I'm also guessing you had to sign some sort of contract. How about a little blame to yourself for getting yourself in a bad situation. Contracts are signed for evey move made with the big shots. I'm sure they're covered. If you wanted musical integrity and whatever you're babbling about, you should have stuck to playing in clubs, releasing demo cassettes for your friends and family and going about an anonymous life . But you did what many dream of; touring the world (with HUGE bands nontheless), signing a record deal putting out records that have sold countless amounts and being cared about enough to make a TV so about. Now let me go back to trying to write a song that will probably never be heard by anyone real fast before I have to go put in another 12 hour day at my job to support myself and pay for a few hours of studio time. Enjoy your life and remember that you're blessed to be in your position.


As I watched the show, I wondered how it must feel to you to have the past conjured up and spilled out in 20 min edited edition. I saw the quip at the end and I instantly wondered,is that good or bad? Who profits from that?. In fact, that's why I left out any mention of it in my post. Naturally, joe public would think that it was all good for you, I'm glad I got the opportunity to hear the otherside.

I certainly can understand your uneasiness of "going backwards." Regardless, I think you were brilliant on the show, and as stated by others...your integrity and passion for music certainly came through on the show. Very admirable.


the show was pretty cool although i only saw it when they started talking to roxy...share looked great compared to the the other 3..its too bad they arent all millionares like i figured theyed be...good luck with all your futures ladies..you deserve it...now i'd like to see madam x [with brett kaiser singing, godzilla , roxy,and her sister maxine who played bass on tangerine which wasnt mentioned...also i would like to see a reunited of wasp blackie randy chris and tony or blackie chris steve and johnny....those renditions of wasp knocked blackies new versions dick in the dirt...


Well, for what it's worth, I thought you KICKED ASS. You were fun and funny and witty and smart and totally cool. Some of your bandmates sounded a bit whiny, but you just told it like it is and kept it real. OH! AND ALL THE YARN! WOO!!!

It does suck about VH1 jacking up the video though, and about the greatest hits CD. In the end, let's hope it just drives more people to Bubble. then, the next time Vh1 comes knocking at your door, you can tell them to kiss your ass ;)


Hi Share,
I was glad to see the program of Vixen on VH1. I always had hoped that the four of you could've stayed together.
As far as your comments on everything, I stand behind you 100%. It's a sad thing to know that the artist work their butts off for nothing. Been there, done that.
I wish you great success in your future and hope to hear the new band one day. Peace to you always and rock on!!!!!


Glad you posted about this too. Like all BUSINESSES, the music biz is all about the bottom line. It's sad but reality. It's still cool that you got to do one last big show....must have been sorta weird though.


Loved the N.Y Dolls t-shirt you were wearing. You should play some gigs in N.Y.C.


Wow, I saw Vixen at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio, back in the day. Great band! Now, I'm a regular working joe who gets by week to week on what I make. I've never been in a famous rock band, never signed autographs, never had fans paying their hard-earned money to see me on stage, never got to be on TV, blah blah blah . . .
So, I just gotta ask, Why the hell ya bitching so much???
Still like you and Vixen, though.


For what it's worth, I did think the show was pretty good. Didn't realize all the shit with EMI...that sucks. I will NOT buy the Vixen remasters fully knowing that more than likely you won't see a dime from it. Two things I have to say...I totally agreed with you and Janet about the writing, why go outside of the band if you all could write songs. And Jan seemed a lot paranoid when you two wanted to bring another guitar player in, says a lot about her playing if she was that worried:) Ah...but that's something that happened years ago...NOW I want to see Bubble on the east coast:)


I have friends in the music business and I've heard this story over and over again.. the person who creates the music makes the smallest amount back.. all I can do is point to the Steve Albini artice about this.. it says it all


Loki's Concubine

Just saw the show on VH1. I agree with 3/4 of the previous comments. EMI does suck. But I am grateful for one thing from them; that we heard of you. Heh I remember having posters of you guys taped to my bedroom walls. Seems like a long time ago... Still, for all the shit you guys went through you did make a difference. I never would have chose to live through the shit I went through if it wasn't for music (you guys and Poison were my sanctuary lol). As lame as that sounds, you know how kids are.

And you did look/sound very cool on the show. I thought you and Roxy kicked ass. I never knew you had another band but I will be checking it out now. :)


Hey Share,
Just wanted to say that inspite of everything...it was great to see you and the ladies performing together again. I could tell that you...and janet both looked uncomfortable...but, u did a great job, and thanks for doing it. I have long wanted to see the 4 of you perform together again..now ive seen it and im happy to have seen it.
What EMI has done to you is dispicable to say the very least. Another 4 years of republican rule in this country and we're all gonna be living in dumpsters. Big corporations suck!
Good luck with Bubble...I hope to see some Bubble cd's on the shelves sometime in the near future. Are there any recordings out that I may try to find??
Keep up the good work!


lol, never mind i scrolled up...boy theres my idiotic tendencies again...duhhh me

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