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December 10, 2004



omg..i LOVE iserenity.com!!!

perfect for working in a criminal courthouse in a cubicle. i've got on 'crackling fire' right now.



Hi Share,

Just thought I'd let you know that your Bands Reunited episode just aired in Canada and will be on a few more times this week.

Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you get more responses on your Bubble site etc. that you weren't expecting.

I think you did a great job and the Stitch Cafe looks like a fantastic place to hang.

Hope everything's going well this week.


Hey Share... catching up on your last few blog posts. Jealous of: your yarn shop cubbyhole thing. Not jealous of: you having people discuss you on a message board (weird). I love your new blog photo too by the way.
I made a knitted skirt a while ago (eyelet skirt from a knitty back issue... there's a photo of my version on my blog) that was not knitted in the round. I think it might be easier to get it to fit right and hang nicely that way, but in-the-round you won't have those seams to mess with.
That iserenity thingie is nuts. I get "rain" whale songs and such, but who would ever choose airplane noise? And is it really airplane noise if it isnt at 100 dB?


Hi Sweetie - Thanks for the iSerenity link. I like the Crickets. My boss just walked in my office to ask me something, heard the crickets, turned around and walked out. Ha, ha!

Hope you are ok with fam, work, work, work and knitting. ;}

ps - When is Bam coming over to build my yarn cubbyholes? Hmmmmmm?



love the bam cubbies. It really does look like your own little knitting store. Very sweet.

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