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December 17, 2004



Oh no!!! Check around with your local natural foods stores for ones that sell homeopathics. Arnica will help with the pain and swelling. I'm not sure how the dosing comes from different companies but 30c (1 tablet) every half-hour should be sufficient.

There is also a cream made by Natrabio and it's awesome. My BIL actually broke his toe when he was in the police academy and I got that to him and he was able to continue with the physical end with little discomfort.

Arnica is amazing stuff and a staple in the medicine cabinet here.

Symphytum will help with the healing of the bone, but this is fast acting stuff and if it's not set properly can mess things up. I do think that's more of a concern for a leg or arm break though.

Have fun at the gig!

Your former secret pal :-D


How do you find the knitting patterns for the sweaters,shawls in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun..the sweater withthe crochet squares looks soooo wonderful and the shawl the Italian woman wears...thanks a bunch!


I'm sorry about Bam's toe..that really stinks. Not his toe, but..you know.
Is that how he got his name? Bam Bam..? Bam Bam always ran around with no shoes getting himself into trouble. ;)

I'm going to check out those knitting sites because i'm getting DAMN sick of knitting scarves. I'm trying a hat right now and i'm using two pieces of yarn at once, which is hard and i keep messing up. yes, i know this is probably simple for you girls but my fingers just aren't as coordinated as yours! i'm sure it'll be summer here before i finish the hat. i wonder if i wear it to the beach it'll "breath"?

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