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December 29, 2004


rock chick

Aah, a fellow listmaker. I've kept end-of-year lists since I was a teenager (and we shan't dwell on how long ago that was.) Your site was a fresh and honest find for me in 2004. Be well and aware in 2005. Cheers!


Hi Share,
I've enjoyed reading your blog since I stumbled upon it after watching you on the Vixen reunion on VH1. I'll agree with rockchick in saying that your site was an honest and fresh find for me too..I think Bubble rocks, and I wish I could find the time and patience to learn to knit like you have...if you're ever around here in lovely Ohio, you must visit Fine Points in Cleveland. A knitter's mecca from what I've heard....




Just stumbled on your blog by clicking a link on another blog with "punk knits" as the link. I was hoping for some cool patterns or ideas. Your blog is great. It's one of my resolutions- to teach myself how to make my blog more interesting. ;)It will take some work.

Blessings to you and your family for the new year...

Keep knitting.


Happy New Year, Share. I'm so glad I found your blog. I really enjoy reading it and all the links you provide. Keep 'em coming! I LOVE tea too and highly recommend Upton tea. It's fantabulistic! I also love a "peasant" tea I find at my local health food store and it, too, is made w/the 'crap' part of the leaves but to me, tastes great. I forget the name..starts with an R, i think..If you like the food network, Alton Brown has a great show dedicated to tea. Love it. Anyway, be safe, be happy, and keep on blogging, snogging, and knitting!


ok, i'm being lazy here but what the hell is boxing day and christmas crackers? i know i could google it and i probably will but in these parts noone celebrates boxing day. all i know is i see it on my calendar at work as a holiday but never knew what it was! something tells me it has nothing to do w/boxing but if i can wear paper hats and eat crackers, it sounds good to me!! ;)


ok..i'm not a lazy sloth and did my own research and decided that: I want to be British, Daddy! (in the voice of Veruca Salt, of course)!!!

As a matter of fact, here in Connecticut we DID have Christmas crackers when we were little but I don't remember the ritual of doing it around the table.
Why is it America has no freaking culture or traditions that matter? BOO HOO!


Hey Share - great list!!
I'd love to do a list too, but, well... that takes effort and you know that I am lazy, lazy, lazy. Speaking of which, I hadn't tried out the pattern yet, so I'll wait for the revised, mistake-less one. Even if I did try it I probably wouldn't even know there was a mistake!! sorry I haven't answered you email back yet... it's been crazy with the stupid holidays and I don't want to write a half-assed email. Soon, my dear.. I have many questions about your project and want to tease you about Lush. Na na na boo boo!

Also - love the pictures of you with fam & friends on Boxing day! You all look to be having a blast! Great tradition... and it seems to not be consumer driven - even better!

Last but not least - LOVE CONVERSE! I owned nothing but when I was younger. In all different colors [by the way, bright orange high tops in a womens size 10 look ridiculous]. So glad to see they have not faded away and are still loved. Awe.

Kisses, hugs and Happy New Year chickie!!

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