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December 17, 2004



How funny -- your face hurt from laughing about the phone call but you didn't say your head hurt from having the extensions tightened -- I'm guessing that you must have laughed *very, very* hard for that to happen that way!!


just a thought that I ...thought(it always seems goofy to repeat words so close together) might seem helpful. when ever you run in to a site you like for an idea/concept/whatever you should write it down and/or have a word document where you can pull it up and it'll have the jibberjams there. that way you and be like. mmm... I can't think of anything... lookie lookie and wallah hopefully you'll get some refreshing ideas by jettin around agian but like uber fast with out having to think to hard about where and what the palces were.


re: knitting group
Your knitting group sounds like it is full of really great funny people! What a great time you must have with them. I'm curious... are there any men in that group?

re: lazy bastard
dude, what the hell are you talking about being a lazy bastard? You are working on so many projects! More than most!

re: extensions
Yo girl, glad to know you got your weave on.

later chickie,
have a great holiday!


hmmmmmmmmmmm..........I need to sleep.

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