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December 01, 2004


Tim Case

Share, I have to admit I've fallen in love with your blog. I don't knit, have never knitted, and own nothing that has been knitted in the past...but I still love your blog.

I was wondering if you might have picked up the new Rolling Stone magazine, the "500 Best Songs of All Time" issue, and whether you might have any comments on any of the selections.

Your newest fan,
Tim Case


hey, i'm norwegian - tell me what it says!

love your blog - there's nothing like a good knitting/rock combo!


I'm not Norwegian but I'm Swedish. And I haven't heard anyone other than me say "scandiHOOvian" in a very long time!


Hey, sorry it's been so long since I've written or really read your blog. I've had my blogland vacation now and am ready to start reading again.

I am glad to see you had a good time shopping for yarn in the midst of what must be an extremely emotionaly taxing visit.

Also, I must say that you handled that pageant in TRUE rebel style. You were so much of a rebel that you did the opposite of what everyone thinks a rebel would do... you sat through it and supported your neice. Seem like a good aunt to me.

The feather and fan scarf you did is so pretty, I'll have to try my hand at that combo one of these days. Of course I just went over my christmas gift/card list and I have at least 3 months worth of knitting, rug hooking, crocheting and cross-stitching to do in the next 3 weeks. The bulk of it in the next 2 weeks because I need shipping time.

Anyway, as far as SnB Nation goes... I am SO proud of you!! I remember when you were first learning (right?) and making all of those luscious scarves. I specifically remember that white one. Was it well received?

Ok, that's enough out of me.


Good Lord Share - You look so damn cute!

Hey, hope all is well with your dad, sounds like you had a nice visit with him.

While you're at Needlework Unlimitted grope and fondle some of the Koigu KPPM if they have it.

xx later alligator

ps - nice tee shirt


My family is of Norwegian descent and we all speak a little bit of Norwegian. I would love to know what the wall hanging says. Did you turn it into a t-shirt?

I love Needlework Unlimited. I went there the very first day I learned to knit and picked up a few supplies. I knew when I walked in that I was going to be in trouble.


Good photos! I think it would be fun to see whole book of these photos - a review of some knitting stores across the nation - a book with a melding of generations photos. (I would do this book just for the opportunity to expense my hobby as a business for tax purposes, but I don't have a good look like you do.) I hope you post some more of the photos if you visit other stores.

Jen L

Ooooh, girl! I love me some Needlework Unlimited. How strange that you were there that week. I was in the Cities for work, and I went to NU on Wednesday afternoon. Maybe we just missed each other!?! I wish I would've known you were going to be there -- we could've done some major yarn store damage together! :) Hope your dad is doing good... Sending good thoughts your way.


God = Good
Jul = Yule or Noel
God Jul = Merry Christmas

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