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December 23, 2004



Eww, sounds nasty, be careful that you don't get an infection or anything nasty. Proper cookware does making cooking so much more of a joy though, even when it hurts you. Is it the kind of knife that can slice through tin cans? I hope you have a great holiday!

Joe L

JEEZ Share
You crazy California hippy are not s'posta be handling knives!
Just kidding :)
Those cuts are deep and nasty, DO NOT touch nickle, or guitar strings till the cut is closed or risk a huge infection.
With Pete Townshend we douse and rub down the guitars in rubbing Alcohol
I repair amps and make stained glass as a hobby (since I know how to solder like a jeweler)
Rebuilding my 91 Blazer etc. Im always getting cut and nicked
Use crazy glue so you could keep the butterflys on and tight (or seal the whole cut (I have done this on myself and plays a gig) Antibiotic gel applied over the cut line is good after you get the butterflys on and glued teight.
ECKERD “Triple Antibiotic ointment”,
Plastic surgeons are now using Ethylcyanoacrylate (crazy glue) it's hypoallergenic btw.

Cheers, and welcome to the club
Take a PICTURE with the guitar, blood and bandage.

PS:I will be getting the $$ for the CD out soon. Im broke from buying gifts, Pager bill, Cell bill, PA rental for the firehouse party at the warehouse. All at once

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