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January 19, 2005



Glad to see you feeling better! Also glad to hear that your dad is so well cared for -- your mom sounds like a wonderful woman. I haven't been commenting very much lately, but you and your family are in my thoughts alot. Rock and knit on, baby!!!!!


I'm begging for pics of warm sun!! It was -6 in Maine this morning. I've got two heaters cranked in my office because when I got here it was 52.
Glad all is better with your dad!


Absolutely no. You a re not the only moody psycho lunatic out here.

Bad times make everything look worse than how it really is.

Great to know your father is doing better and your mother is still fighting also.

Here (Spain--Catalonia--Barcelona) we are having cold days because of the wind but the sun is shinning bright. It's raining somewhere but not enough for the expectations. Our vegetables are thirsty in the country!!!

Good luck in your gig and enjoy the wedding!

rock chick

My antidote for the holidays this past year was crabcakes and ale for Christmas dinner. I was in a measurably better mood than I have been for years.


Hi Share, Glad you're feeling like your self again. And really glad your dad is feeling better. Good luck with the family chaos stuff. Plus a big thank you from the very chilly, cold north for the sunny photo! All the best in 2005!


Oh, to be in Cali... wish I was there!

Glad you're feeling better - I definitely get in funks too.


Glad you have warmth and sunshine! It was -25 Celsius (sorry I'm metric) here last night (Nova Scotia). We got like 50cm of snow the other day and are expecting some more tomorrow. Only good thing was the store I work at got closed for the day on Monday, so I was able to stay at home with the kids and knit!

Thanks for the inspiration -- I enjoy your site very much and have started my own knitting blog, although it isn't much.

Have a great gig! Wish I lived there so I could come!


Hey Share - you most certainly are not the only moody psycho lunetic out there. It happens to the best of us. The holiday's do suck and I think your idea is a wonderful one!!

I'm glad you dad is more comfortable now, ho-rah for your mum standing up to the doc's.

xx be well, chickie.
beautiful picture, by the way!!


No you are not alone so allow me, a complete stranger, to give you some advice for the 2005 holiday season. RUN!!!!!

Costa Rica is lovely in December and the beaches amazing! We like to go there but since my family is there not too much of an escape.

Lynn H.

Hmm...looking at the photo...yeah I could use the sun:) LOL

Seeing as how yesterday, I believe the temperature was 4 degrees here in Charleroi, Pa. Today, well...it was a heatwave at 26!!! And it was SNOWING too..which made the trip to work, EVEN more fun than work itself:) LOL

Send me some sun Share!!!!!


I am SO jealous of your sunshine out in Cali...what I wouldn't give to have just a fraction of that sunlight here in lovely Ohio. We just got a major storm yesterday, leaving us with 4-5 inches, ice, and temps never going past 25. Lovely.
By the way, you are so not alone about the holidays. They are way too commercialized anymore, and it's more of a nuisance than a fun time you know?
Glad to hear your dad is doing better, and kudos to your mom for standing her ground!
Hope the gig goes well; wish I could be there to see you guys! Have fun at the wedding too. :)



Share! I'm so jealous of LA weather! Damn you for sweating! LOL It's been cold here in CT and we got about 14" of SNOW, with more on the way.

I was just in FL with sunny 65 degree weather 3 days ago! What happened??

Glad to hear the funkiness is lifting. You rock, don't forget it!



I am glad to hear you and your Dad are both doing better. My theory is holidays are for reminding you why you moved so far away from your family. Holidays with them is always Chaos! :o) TNNA huh? NO FAIR! Screw the sunshine.. I want to touch the yarn! Hope you had fun.. my sister went, she was due home late last night. Can't wait to hear how it was ..
Catch ya later.

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