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January 28, 2005



we all KNOW that ALL the kids CANT be special, but shiiit, why not just let them grow up and find out for themselves...??? it's soo much more FUN that way...

bitter disillusionment wouldn't be the same otherwise..

(hmm, I think I need sleep and a mood change ;) ).


Ha, ha. I love that 'special kid' question.

How about we stay modest about our own kids and refer to 'special' kids as the ones that ride the 'special' bus.



Oh, but I do believe as children we are special. We are so full of wonder and belief that all will be well. Perhaps it is the pain of disappointment and disillusionment that changes us out of childhood and into mortal boring adulthood.

At least, that's my pondering theory.

Anyone else care to ponder further?


Very exciting the whole ashley paige thing. I love her stuff and was hoping and praying she'd put out a book for us knitters. so now if only rainbow knit wear would do the same. Sigh... one day.


Howdy - if you want to do the orange cardi out of the Burley Spun - let me know I found a great yarn store online that charges only $8.50 a skein!

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