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January 27, 2005



Have a great run!


Ahh running.. I keep saying I am going to do that. But here in NC it has been so COLD lately that it hurts to breathe outside. I know I know excuses excuses! I finished the other fingerless and been wearing the strange red, purple, yellow concoction with major rocking additude! Pics will be available soon.. Can't wait to see the choker. My cousin got married a couple of months ago.. I blew off the wedding (of course the family balked at that..) I just told my mom.. sorry I have sworn off weddings. Until I have one.. I ain't going. :O) Works really well with funerals too..
Catch ya later.



Wish I had half your energy! I have a treadmill which I have wanted to start using again on a daily basis, but my leg has been hurting for the last two days. No idea what I did to it, but it makes me limp, so treadmilling isn't a good idea right now. Way to cold in Nova Scotia right now for outdoor walks.

Looking forward to seeing the choker!


That wheel game is good. Sittin in 10th place at the moment with 51 points. Like 100 points behind 1st. Sherlock, well I only played it 3 times and can't find the 5th clue in level 1. Goin back to the wheel to improve my score. See ya.



I love your blog!! Ok, I did the sherlock holmes game. I found all five in all five scenes. The wooded area is the last scene. There is a rock on the sidewalk near the bottom middle of the scene, some black thing between two roots at the bottom left of the screen, a big branch at the top left, a root about midway up on the second big tree from the left, and a leafy branch on the upper right.

P.S. I saw you on knitty gritty and on VH-1 in a yarn store. You rock!


I wish I had your motivation to start jogging...I started walking in the fall, then it started raining and snowing in typical Ohio fashion and I lost all interest. If I lived in LA I'd walk everywhere everyday...:)
I can sympathize with you about the whole wedding thing...I'm the same way. It's like you want to be a supportive family member but at the same time, you don't want to be bothered. Hope it's a nice time though..
I'm addicted to the games you posted, and I'm headed back now to play that Sherlock Holmes game again...love it!
Can't wait to see the choker!!


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