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January 26, 2005



You look fabulous, dahling!


Lovin the t's, you are a wonderful model! Sucks about Rowan but I'm glad you were spiteful.. hee hee hee, I'd do the same thing!


Hey girl - sounds like you had a blast! Great! Now, I have to ask - where you really surprised about Rowan?? I love their yarns but I'm not very surprised. And again, with Alchamy Yarns, are you not surprised? I think the advertising for both those companies gives a bit of an idea of "who" they are. I love both yarns and I just found out that a local store now sells Alchamy!! The conventions sounds great - I searched for an event in Boston and had zero results. Bummer.

ps- you're totally rockin' those tee shirts.

rock chick

Glad to see someone else had the same experience with Rowan. They do indeed have making you feel like the red-headed stepchild down pat.


I NEED that craft, rock, live shirt!! I love it!

And, Vickie is just adorable. Ya gotta love someone who gets paid to be on tv and say "knit on" on a daily basis and looks that cute.



I was at TNNA that Sunday as well. All day! Can't believe I didn't see you! And all I have to say about Alchemy is Oh. My. Gawd! The colors were incredible and you're right, the reps were amazing.

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