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February 18, 2005



Great to hear from you again Shar! Like the site. Like the pink, yellow, blue etc yarn and hat. Like it all! Good luck in Japan!


I never would've pictured you as a Mary Kay rep!!! Then again, I shocked myself and became an Avon rep last year. Are you working toward the pink Cadillac? That Naturwool is gorgeous--gotta try some one of these days.

Best wishes to the parents...Take care and have a great time in Japan!


it is very difficult when a parent is ill,i think for most of your life you kinda figure they will be about forever,i had a very bad 2003,first my mom nearly died and then my father did...........a tough time for all family members..........all you can do is be there for each other and get through it as best you can


woah, i dont know how i found this site, i kind of just stumbled into it, lol, anyways i saw you on Vh1 and u guys rocked! i play guitar too and hopefully in the next year I'll get my own band together. I still havent gotten to listen to your band Bubble but i bet you guys are awesome. Oh yea, that fringed scarf is SO cool!


have u got a 'how to' running around somewhere for that fringed scarf! It looks amazing. I would love to make something similar but am still a beginner (and so need patterns)
ps: good luck in japan!

Sandy Sallin

Yes, I adore the Artiste Scarf. Details please, what yarn, what needle, anything. It's very cool.



what yarn and pattern did you use to make that scarf...I love it!

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