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February 20, 2005



I don't know. I'd have to ask my relatives who knit. I've mentioned your blog to my knittin relatives. I ain't no knitter but I like your blog and told em it's pretty cool. My aunt's doing quilts for like everybody in our family and lots of needle work goes on in our family. Anyways, good luck with the shows in Japan.


i admit i do althought i don't know what i'm expecting to smell. ;)


I always sniff! Lots of other people do to, I was just working at a yarn show this weekend and 90% of them sniffed, probably 100% sniffed the silk, especially the silk rovings.


Well I have to admit I sniff CD booklets when I buy a new CD .... anyway Share, have a great time in Japan! Come to England after that! If you need some Japanese lessons, my friend Eva will help you out with that I'm sure ;-)


Have a nice trip! I know you'll kick butt at your shows!


YES! I am a yarn sniffer. As opposed to sniffing other expensive crap up my nose. I sniff mine because it tells me a little bit about the store I bought it in. Like did they burn incense, was the person in the stockroom a closeted smoker, and sometimes what dyes they might have used. I am also a big yarn molester. I have to like the way it feels in my hands first, before I even make a purchase.

Have fun in Japan! I am excited to see you doing well.


oh, i definitely sniff, and i have to admit that sometimes i get a bit disappointed that the yarn doesn't smell like, say, raspberries if it's that colour ;-)

have a great time in japan!


I don't usually sniff yarn, but I bought some recycled silk and when I opened the plastic wrapping, I noticed a very obvious musty smell. Does all recycled silk from Nepal smell like this?? I wonder...

Kick ass in Japan!


I most definately sniff. I happen to love the scent of Rowan's Silk Tweed. Have a great time in Japan.


I've never been a sniffer until I got some Lambs Pride and for some reason I find myself sniffing it constantly while I'm knitting with it. It just smells super.


Yarn sniffing is a must. I have to agree with Jenn and say that Brown Sheep has an addictive smell to it. I tend to sniff just about everything - it takes me FOREVER to walk through a cheese shop.

Hope you arrived safely in Japan!


I do! I sniff yarn! I sniff just about everything, well....not everything.


I stumbled on to your blog while surfing the net and I was thinking I heard the name somewhere, it turns out you've e-mailed our tokyo S&B group. Wow, so you're finally on your way! I'm really looking forward to seeing you at the pink cow. I forgot to ask where you're performing in Tokyo, I'd love to go see your show, if the tickets aren't all sold out :P

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