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April 06, 2005



Austin is a TON of fun. If you're looking for houses, http://www.austinhomesearch.com/ is a great resource. We're in the process of looking right now too. The housing market is heaps more affordable than in LA. Good luck!


From visiting pals in Austin, I have loved it. Lake Travis, the downtown area... all good. It's got a good vibe.


I can see you two in Austin...I hear it's THE place for music lovers. I myself have never been----yet!


A black tee shirt with skulls on it?! I'm so all over that! [I have an infatuation with skulls/skelletons]. You guys must be psyched about the shirt/kid/bono thing! Very cool. Be prepared to sell, sell, sell those puppies.

I think your yarn=band thoughts are right on the mark. The most being the Bruce Springsten one. I'll have to think about the punk yarn... hmmm.

Austin, huh. YOu've lived in the frosty weather before -- you should come East to the Bahston are. "go east young woman" Oh, wait... Boston is up there with one of the most expensive places to live. DAmn.

kisses - have a ball at the show tonight.


You had me cracking up at the idea of Tom Jones and Colinette yarn.

And VERY cool about Bam's shirt.

Good luck with the move, if you decide on it!


So you wanna mess with Texas? Austin is a town's town! It has got music, crafts and food. What more could you need? On the plus side less earthquakes and less freeways.....

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