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May 10, 2005



Glad to hear your Mom's improving.

I lived in Austin for 4 years and loved every minute of it. It's just a cool cool town. Holler if you have any questions about it. I miss it desperately!


Hang in there. Glad to hear your mom is feeling better.


Tke your time- remember no move is easy! It takes a while for a new place to feel like hom. I am so glad you Mom is pain free! Keep us updated on both of your parents as well as yourself! I check your blog every day to see how things are going for you and to read about your kick-ass knitting ;o)

Rock-on Gurl!


SO glad to hear your mom is pain free and feeling better.
Austin sounds nice, and I hope you and Bam having a nice time. Keep us posted on everything; I keep checking your blog everyday (like Lora said also) to see how things are going for you :)

Be well and knit like hell!


Glad that your mom is feeling better! Hope that you're having a fab time in Austin!

Lucy Furr

Ooooo gurl, i'm with Jenny on this one: you are by far in the best place in America!! I too lived there for about 5 years but have since moved to Washington and god i miss it!

I can hook you up with some great places to eat, drink, see a live show, excellent local bands (the Yuppie Pricks, run...don't walk), not to mention the best places to get yer groove on to some good ol' Industrial 80's...Give me a holler anytime : )



First, Happy Belated Birthday! (I just had one myself).

Having just gone gone thru watching my granny get more and more frail and weak, I really understand how painful it is to watch someone you love suffer. Glad your mom is feeling better. Sending positive thoughts your dad's way too.

And about this moving to Austin thing... sounds like a great place, but feels like everyone I like in California is either leaving or thinking about leaving. Can't blame you though. Being able to afford a nice house is a wonderful thing.


My hubby and I love Austin. We've been for SXSW. Loved the food and music...it good everywhere. Loved SoCo (South Congress)and the vibe there. Wish I could go back soon.

Glad to hear your Mom is feeling better.

Take care!

Paula Hedlund (Laurie from original VIXEN/sister)

Sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mom to heart disease and stroke over 10 years ago, and was a caregiver for 2 years, so I know that it must be a tough time for you. We will pray for her. Hopefully your dad will feel stronger too.


Hi, I love reading your blog, especially being a knitter, and the love of all things PUNK. Im sorry to hear about your mum, a very dear friend of mine died recently, just from tripping down the stairs over her dog! I still expect to see her walk in the room. Regards to you and your family. Nikki

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