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July 10, 2005



I know it's a tough time for you - hang in there. We continue to think positive thoughts - even in icky hot Minnesota.


you're in my thoughts also. stay strong!


I've been called fearless but I've got plenty of it -I just figure I can either fall or fly, either way I'm going off the cliff. So I'll send some updrafts your way and think of beautiful kites.

(And that hot pink sneak peek at the project for the book...hey, I'm going to be looking forward to it anyway, but dang what a way to keep us perked up and interested!)

Karen M

It sounds like you have at least a little fearlessness already! To be able to stand up to any sort of family drama and still write about it...

*hugs* The balcony looks really lovely! A nice present for your mom. Hang in there.


Fearlessness can be a state of mind. Right now when I read your blog I am struck by your amazing strength....there has got to be a well of fearlessness and courage there....but I am sending a little extra your way nonetheless.

The flowers are gorgeous.


The flowers look amazing, Share. You guys did good! And you can add my two cents' worth to the growing list of 'your mom's beautiful' comments.
Thanks for the sneak peek at that kickass hot pink creation. I have to wait for the book? Dammit!
Sorry to hear your day wasn't too terribly pleasant. Hang in there, sweetie - my fiance and I are thinking about you.


The flowers and balcony look wonderful! Absolutely stunning, and I'm sure your mum loves the view. That alone would brighten my day.
Thanks also for the sneak peek of your book; I know we're all dying to see more! :)
Your blog has been such an inspiration and joy to read Share, and in my eyes, you are truly fearless. I admire you and your great strength through all you've been through. You truly deserve to keep your head held high.
Hang in there, my husband and I sending good thoughts your way, and thinking of you. :)


Just checking in. Hope all is well. :-) Starting a new Monday night in Culver City. When you're back in town email me for details.


Just to say you have lots of readers still checking in with you and sending love and cheer and wishing you and your family all good things.


Hey, your idea 'bout guitar playin is not that bad...
OK, maybe it is but if your mother enjoys your piano playing, maybe she'll like hearing you play guitar.

Be strong and keep the good vibrations.


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